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your home. 

Selling your home should be trusted to a top agent. The first step I always take is to sit down with my clients and fully understand their situation and hear out their story. There are many reasons to sell, such as upsizing or downsizing, liquidating an investment, foreclosures, seperation from a partner, relocation for work and many more reasons. However, ultimately the desired result of every client is to get the maximum market value, and most favourable terms and conditions for the sale of their home. 

To achieve this desired result, the first step is to obtain a Comparative Market Anaylsis for your home to set a proper price evaluation. I will research comparable sales in the area, adjust for positive and negative features, and come up with a pricing and marketing strategy to obtain the best possible result. Contact me today to get your free home evaluation, no obligations. 

Buying a new

principle residence. 

If you're a seasoned buyer, and you're looking to purchase your next principle residence, then you've come to the right place. Many buyers in the Vancouver market first require to sell a home, then purchase their next home. These two deals must work together in perfect harmony for a smooth tranistion. 

The first step is to discuss your options when purchasing. If you must sell a home first, then we can discuss the various strategies. These strategies include:

  • Selling first, then purchasing 

  • Purchasing first, then selling

  • Subject to sale contracts 

I will thoroughly explain each one of these strategies and we can discuss which one works best for you in the current market conditions. When you are ready to purchase the your next home, I will begin filtering out options based on your criteria and only send you feasible listings, and do my research before setting up shows, so that you can maximize your time. When its time to send offers, I will work tirelessly to negotaite an amazing deal on your behalf. 


Buying an

Investment property. 

Carefull consideration must be taken if you are looking to purchase a property for investment. A fruitfull investment has many factors, such as market conditions, location, cap rate, and future growth potential. 

I will ensure you get the best possible investment property by doing research before sending you any listings. This includes researching the area, market rent, development potential, and sales in the area. To ensure you obtain a fruiful return on investment, the purchase price in which we are able to negotiate will be the deciding factor. To achieve the best possible price, I will advise you how to levrage your options and offers when hunting for an investment property. 


your first home.

Being a first time buyer is one of the utmost exciting times in your life. It can be scary, but also thrilling. I have a special place in my heart for first time buyers as it was not too long ago I was a first time buyer myself. 

The learning curve can be high, but my goal is to guide you in a way that you will fully understand the market in which you are looking in, so that the ultimate decision to buy will feel natural to you. I will spend time to review strata documents, and teach you things work, rather than just try to sell you a property. This ensures that when you make your decision, you will sleep easy that night knowing you made the right one because you had all the knowledge to do so. 



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